4 Easy Porch DIYs you can do Today

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Other than the kitchen, the front and back porch are two of the most important spaces in a home. The front porch is what invites guests and family in and the back porch is the epicenter for family get togethers and an escape from the day-to-day hustle.

Below are 4 DIYs to give your porch a quick and easy makeover, today!

1. Coordinated Decor

Freshen up the front and back porch with furniture and accessories that tie-together. Choose a color that you can accent in the umbrellas, pillows and plant holders. Stick to a specific material, such as whicker, so everything looks uniformed and find a set of dining ware that you can use when guests come over for a BBQ.

Source: Lowes

2. Updated House Number Signs

Out with the old, in with the new. Replace your old house number sign with something fresh — after all, it’s the first thing anyone sees when they pull up to your humble abode. Pick up your home’s numbers from your local hardware store and screw the numbers into a restored plank of wood or a large wooden letter with the first letter of your last name.

Source: Etsy

3. Front Corner Bench

Whether you have a large or tiny front porch, repurpose a bench from the inside and bring it out into the daylight. A place to sit in the front of the home brings an inviting feel to your overall curb appeal, and if you ever get locked out — you’ll have somewhere to sit!

Source: Amber Interior Design

4. Light up the night!

You know the pretty white Christmas lights tangled up in your basement that you only get to look at once a year? Take them out — they have a new-found purpose! Drape the lights around the backyard so the BBQ can go on when it gets dark out. This tip is easy, cheap and instantly turns your backyard into something from a fairy-tale.


Source: Pinterest

There you have it! Four easy DIYs to bring your porch back to life. Interested in more home hacks? Happy to share my tips — contact me today!